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Rerum illo aut rerum illo pariatur excepturi

The sacred Empire : 20 Inca Mandalas for mindfulness and stress relieving

  • Helps to relax & boost your meditation
  • Helps to balance your body, your mind, your spirit and your energy
  • Give you that spiritual connection that you needed
  • Enhance your creativity and inspire your mind
  • Encourage your self-expression
  • Learn about the peruvian culture in a funny way

This book shows the history of Inca culture in short stories illustrated with mandalas made of classic cultural patterns from Cuzco in Peru country.
Each pattern is designed to maintain a balance between body energy and mental energy, seeking equilibrium through mindfulness.
Additionally each symbol shown in the book, aims to explain the Inca mythology as a colorful path leading to the stress relieving through creativity.
The meaning of each image is attributed to behavior of human beings to face any inconvenience. In this adventure, coloring becomes your best ally.

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